Lethean Privacy
Lethean combines blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution.
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Lethean Roadmap

2019 Q1


Lethean VPN

  • OpenVPN Functionality release for Exit Nodes

  • Updated Lethean wallets supporting VPN features

  • V4 software release

  • MacOS wallet full support

  • Command-line support for VPN/Proxy wallet functions

Lethean OS

  • Full release V1 – ARM and x86

  • Paper wallets generation

Lethean Blockchain

  • Transaction fee reduction measures

Marketing and outreach

  • Initiate aggressive marketing campaign

  • New exchange listing

2019 Q2


Lethean VPN

  • Refunds

  • Privacy Enhanced Mode (WP)

  • P2P SDP (distributed provider and service data)

  • Exit node DNS over HTTPS

Lethean OS

  • Wallet balance monitoring – incoming transactions only, or all

  • Print support

Lethean Blockchain

  • Monero upstream rebase assessment and consideration

2019 Q3


Lethean Mobile Clients

Lethean VPN

  • OpenWRT Exit node support

Marketing and outreach

  • US and UK market analysis finalized

2019 Q4

Lethean VPN

  • Hardware firewall and router integration and/or release