Lethean Privacy
Lethean combines blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution.



Core Developer

Lethean is looking for a C++ developer to join the core Engineering team. As a core developer, you will be part of a team responsible for creating and maintaining software used to interact with the blockchain and our decentralized virtual private network (VPN).
Desired qualifications:
• Strong proficiency in C++ CLI and GUI development
• Understanding of engineering and deployment for cross-platform software, including Windows, Linux, Mac and ARM.
• Experience working on a team with other developers to maintain multiple codebases.
Responsibilities include:
• Commit, test and review code in our Github repositories.
• Communicate regularly with the Engineering team via Slack and Google Meet.
• Attend scheduled development meetings at least once per week, but preferably twice per week.

The ideal candidate will have experience with Gitflow. Although Lethean is backed by the blockchain, prior experience in blockchain is not required. If you are a self-motivated and enthusiastic learner, we are happy to teach. We expect this position to require 10 to 20 hours of commitment per week. Interested candidates should submit a resume/CV and samples of your work (open source preferred) to developers at_ lethean.io.

Compensation: Lethean (LTHN) salary, paid monthly, over 24-month agreement.

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Content Creator

Lethean is looking for a content creator to bridge the gap between our team and our community. This person will be responsible for writing, editing, and generating content for our team.

The ideal candidate would have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of blockchain and blockchain technology

  • A background in writing or article creation or technical writing

  • The ability to make complex subjects easy to understand and digestible for the average reader

  • Strong grammar skills

  • The ability to work under tight deadlines and produce at least two updates for our community per month

  • The ability to write engaging and compelling materials

Qualified applicants should provide their resume as well as a sample article or a link to a previously written article below.

*Note: The sample article does not need to be written about Lethean.

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