Release and Quality Manager

Lethean is enhancing its quality assurance (QA) efforts. As a Release and Quality Manager, you will manage all branches and commits in our Github repositories. You will participate in binary/build testing to verify commits and prepare features/fixes for release. You will conduct QA on branches until they are satisfactory for release. The ideal candidate will have experience with Gitflow.

As a QA Tester, you will be responsible for conducting manual tests and developing automated functional tests of products and features developed by the Engineering team. Additionally, you will:
• Track and report test results.
• Follow up with the Engineering team on bug fixes, primarily using Github Issues and Slack.
• Interact with our automated continuous integration build system (TeamCity)
• Communicate and coordinate with the Engineering team.

The focus is on creating a robust product, detecting fails and errors in the early stages and ensuring that products are ready to be released.

Lethean (LTHN) salary, paid monthly, over 24-month agreement.

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