CSO ( Chief Strategy Officer )

Lethean is seeking a Chief Strategy Officer to enhance our marketing and business development strategy. As the Chief Strategy Officer, you will work closely with our Chief Operations Officer in planning, implementing, and developing our marketing and business development initiatives. This position will require you to engage with both internal and external parties, so effective communication is a must.

As Chief Strategy Officer, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Assisting the COO with strategic planning for marketing and business development
  • Developing and coordinating marketing initiatives
  • Analyzing data and providing comprehensive reports on the effects of marketing initiatives
  • Gathering, reviewing, and interpreting data, as well as creating easy to understand reports
  • Aiding in strategy development for marketing, social media, community management, and design
  • Identifying business opportunities for the company
  • Identifying opportunities for the company and creating strategies for improvement
  • Assisting with articulation of the company’s goals and direction

A successful Chief Strategy Officer will possess the following skills:

  • Effective communication
  • An in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and how it enhances the company
  • Extensive knowledge of data and data analytics
  • Eagerness to identify opportunities and capability to provide relevant solutions
  • An extensive knowledge of marketing and how to identify and target our demographic


Interested applicants should submit a business proposal, cover letter, and/or CV/résumé.


Lethean (LTHN) salary, paid monthly, over 24-month agreement.

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