Lethean Privacy
Lethean combines blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution.

Additional Resources


Lethean Nodes list 

A comprehensive list of our exit nodes. You can see where they are located on the map, their cost, and speeds. This information is available in the wallet as well. However, the wallet does not provide you with an exact location of the exit node, which is what this page aims to do.


Lethean Block Explorer

The Lethean block explorer page will allow you to see real time information about the blockchain like, our current block height, total Lethean in circulation, and will allow you to find and review transactions on the blockchain.


Lethean Blockchain Monitor

The Lethean Blockchain Monitor allows you to review all relevant blockchain information. The current heights of all pools, current difficulty, block size, network difficulty, average block times, and more.


Lethean Pool List

The Lethean pool list shows a comprehensive list of pools that are currently mining Lethean, their hash rates, and the time the last time that they found a block.