Lethean paper (offline) wallet generator

This page generates a new Lethean offline wallet. An offline wallet is a public Lethean wallet that you can transfer funds to that was not generated on the internet. You can transfer the bulk of your Lethean wealth to one or more of these wallets and there is no way they can be hacked.

There is no way to recover your funds if you lose your wallet keys. Without your PRIVATE SPEND and PRIVATE VIEW keys you cannot ever recover your Lethean so keep the PDF or paper print out VERY SAFE.

Remember that ANYONE who has access to your PRIVATE SPEND key can spend your Lethean. The PDF this form generates is worth whatever you transfer to it. KEEP IT SAFE.

The entire page can work whilst disconnected from the internet, to allow 100% safety of your private keys.

For maximum security you should download a version to run from a USB stick on a PC or MAC that is not connected to the Internet. (Download a zip here)

If you are more trusting, you should still think about running this page in an incognito window (or private window) with your browser extensions switched off.