Lethean Network Launch

Buckle up, folks. We just went from being a CryptoNote/Monero clone to a utility coin with a real-world purpose.

Lethean Network Goes Live

The Lethean team has been working harder than ever to ensure release of our software occurred as promised! Today, the public beta for the Browser Extension officially launches. Users can now utilize the Lethean (LTHN) currency to sell bandwidth as exit nodes, or purchase bandwidth from others to gain privacy and anonymity benefits.


The new Lethean.io website is nearing completion. As it was not completely finished in time for this post, we decided to forego public release. In general, some fine details and grammar revisions are outstanding, but the bulk of the content is in place. Our next news post should reside on lethean.io, making this the final post at intensecoin.com.

Outside of our website, all CLI, GUI, VPN (dispatcher) and Browser Extension code and aesthetic elements have been updated to match our new identity. Further, our GitHub has migrated to a proper organizational account instead of being housed under Valiant’s name. All of these steps were taken to create uniformity and establish our brand as a meaningful unit.

With this rebrand, what happens to my current ITNS?

We are happy that you asked! You do not need to make any changes. In fact, if you wanted to continue to use your old wallet, you absolutely could. However, you would be missing out on one of the best aspects of this update, the Browser Extension Proxy. Once you have installed the new wallet, the name of the currency will be changed from Intense Coin (ITNS) to Lethean (LTHN). All you will need to do is update your wallet to the latest release (Linux/Ubuntu, Windows).

Browser Extension Proxy and Exit Node Launch

We are very excited to release to our community the long anticipated public beta of the Lethean Browser Extension Proxy. The Lethean Browser Extension Proxy public beta test is available for both Windows and Linux at this time. The Mozilla Firefox extension and Mac GUI wallet were not ready in time for this release, although we have highly prioritized these items for completion in the next 1-2 weeks. This is our most significant measure of progress to date towards the release of our full VPN services. The client and server portions of the Browser Extension lay the foundation for all of the needed components for the VPN. As always, we will keep the community up to date as we progress with the VPN release.

To get started as a user purchasing proxy services, download the new Lethean wallet with proxy support (Linux/Ubuntu, Windows) and install the Lethean Chrome extension in Google Chrome.

To get started as an exit node provider, visit the lethean-vpn repo and follow the README instructions to setup the environment. When you are ready to put your service(s) on the network, see our Knowledge Base article ‘Subscribing to the Service Discovery Platform’.

Lethean Proxy/VPN Browser Extension

The Browser Extension Proxy has the ability to connect to any proxy exit node on the Lethean network. This release also allows users to act as an exit node. We believe that by allowing users to act as an exit node and creating their own bandwidth price (in LTHN), we will effectively create an open market for users. This open market should promote an equitable and cost-effective market for proxy services. Additionally, exit nodes have the ability to charge for specific durations of time. This negates the need for an end user to purchase services from a standard proxy service that would typically be billed either monthly or yearly. Ultimately, this creates a market that is driven by allowing users to pay for only what they are using.

We ask that if you have any questions or concerns related to our Browser Extension Proxy that you first use our new help center Knowledge Base (KB) or submit a ticket if you cannot find your answer in the KB. You can also open a ticket by emailing support@lethean.zendesk.com. This will allow us to track any issues that need resolved.


Now that the Lethean network is live, we are tremendously excited to finalize the website and begin taking marketing and promotion efforts to the next level. We anticipate some minor bug reports as our software goes from being tested internally on a handful of machines to being used by many people worldwide. We are committed to resolving any issues promptly. Many users have expressed feedback that we should increase marketing efforts before release, but we wanted to ensure our product was ready for mass adoption before investing significant resources. We believe our decisions in this matter will payoff appropriately in the long run.

Buckle up, folks. We just went from being a CryptoNote/Monero clone to a utility coin with a real-world purpose. The entire Lethean team is responsible for this major milestone, and we’re very grateful to be celebrating it with the support of our dedicated community. This is only the beginning as the Browser Extension underpins all of the VPN functionality. Most importantly, as will be disclosed in our forthcoming “Enhanced Privacy Mode” whitepaper, the Browser Extension can actually offer more anonymity and security than a VPN. The BE was initially conceptualized as an add-on and bridge to the VPN, but our planning and engineering has allowed it to become much more.

Remote Node

A Lethean-hosted remote node is available at sync.lethean.io, port 48782. Use it to bypass the need to download the full blockchain. We will be integrating automatic initialization of the remote node into the GUI wallet in the coming weeks.

sync.lethean.io remote node

Our community is always welcome to reach out to us and request assistance through any of our other channels like Discord, Telegram, Reddit, or by email. All of our social channels have also been updated to fit our new brand and can be found with the following links:  website, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk.