Francisco Leaves Lethean

A valuable member of our team has decided to step down from their position. Francisco, also known as SlowGrowth, has decided to leave. Francisco has been an integral part of our community and team. He championed the project from the moment he arrived until the day he decided to depart. He spent countless hours acquiring talent, building lasting relationships with his peers and the community, and driving our product from ‘another altcoin’ to where we stand today.

Francisco’s departure from the Lethean Team was amicable and will not impact our mission, product delivery, or our brand. Our goal is to provide a safe way for users to be online by providing a private, accessible and secure blockchain driven VPN.

Moving forward, Francisco will be building a movement to advocate digital privacy. We appreciate all the sacrifices that he has made to bring us where we are today, and we know that he has great things in store. We wish him all the best.

The Lethean Team is using this as an opportunity to dramatically revise and improve our organization’s workflow, efficiency and structure. We are repositioning individuals internally to create a more functional and disseminated leadership and management structure. We will also be expanding our high level management to include one of our advisors. Project management is being prioritized and reorganized within Lethean to ensure our workflow maximizes delivery of production-ready software and hardware. Many lessons were learned from our soft launch on September 1st. Going forward, Lethean will be wiser, more organized, and will keep our promises for product delivery.