Welcome to Lethean

We have been waiting to share news of our brand with the community for some time now. We have not finalized all aspects of our brand change. Our goal is to finalize the rebranding of our wallet and website at the same time as the release of the Browser Extension. That being said, we would like to introduce you to our new brand. Farewell, Intense Coin, and hello, Lethean!

Lethean, pronounced lee-thee-in, is based on the river Lethe in classical Greek mythology. The river caused souls that drank from it to forget their past. Our logo also represents the Helm of Hades, also known as the Helm of Invisibility. The Helm of Invisibility was said to make wearers become invisible to other supernatural entities, acting like a cloud of mist that the gods surround themselves in which makes them undetectable. This resonated with our team because we want our users to be as secure and anonymous while online as possible. The Lethean brand will be used not only for our product and business, but the Lethean name will also serve as the name for our international privacy movement.

Ticker Announcement: LTHN

Paper wallets for Linux

We received feedback from a number of our users expressing interest in the ability to create a paper wallet. Although the CLI wallet has some inbuilt features for generating paper wallets (including output of a 25-word mnemonic seed), it was not possible to do this in an offline and secure fashion without taking extra precautions. Since we value the feedback of the community, we decided to go above and beyond by creating an entire bootable custom firmware operating system (OS) for Lethean! While LetheanOS only currently possesses the capability of generating offline wallets, there are concrete plans to add capabilities to the OS allowing a full proxy/VPN exit node or blockchain node to be run from the very slim 24 megabyte ISO. This also opens the door to more applications of Lethean technologies on embedded firmware like our VPN routers, and alternative architectures including PPC, ARM, etc. You can see the details of how to create a paper wallet for Linux systems by watching this video

To use LetheanOS, you will need the ISO file located here as well as the wallet generation PDF. In the event that you have any issues, please ping Valiant or Iedemam on Discord.

All credit for the brilliant work behind LetheanOS goes to Michael (@iedemam), who brought proven industry experience working with custom embedded firmwares to our team. This is just one example of the great things that are possible with our team of accomplished developers.

Development: Wallet and Browser Extension

Testing has continued on the Intense Coin Browser Extension and exit nodes. All major bugs have been resolved in the extension and it is now production ready pending a graphical update for Lethean design elements. Two development items remain outstanding before we can release the browser extension: an updated GUI wallet that includes Lethean branding, and the capability for users to act as exit nodes. Recently, testing was opened up for user-hosted exit nodes and the results were promising. Only limited testing of exit node registration was conducted as we are in the process of migrating our server-side solutions to a secure and complex infrastructure courtesy of Lee Netherton, at which point the exit node registration process will be slightly different. Most importantly, the server-side exit node component (referred to as the dispatcher throughout our documentation) is functioning properly to generate node configs, process payments, and authorize paid users for access.

Our level of confidence to release the browser extension in conjunction with the new website and updated GUI wallet by the next scheduled news post (9/1) is very high. A full wallet redesign may slightly lag behind a simple change of logo and style in order to make sure the Browser Extension is released on time. As with all of our work, we are taking extra time to ensure the product is polished and ready for use, and we value quality over strict deadlines.

Lethean Manifesto

You may recall us previously introducing the local chapters movement into our structure. We have been working hard on restructuring the local chapters movement into a larger global privacy movement, which is outlined in our forthcoming Lethean Manifesto. Not only do we want to create the tools to aid people in their online privacy, but we also want to change the way the world thinks about online privacy. We will be releasing the Lethean Manifesto alongside the release of our Browser Extension at the same time on the first day of September.

Privacy Enhancement Whitepaper

We have been working tirelessly on delivering the initial release of our Browser extension, but that did not stop us from continuing to innovate. We are excited to share with you the planned release of our “enhanced privacy” product which will build atop our existing proxy/VPN design. Pencil September 1st in your calendar to read our enhanced privacy whitepaper.

A small teaser follows:

To improve the standard privacy mode, we plan to build a versatile solution where users are in complete charge of how they appear on the Internet. The basic principle is: full user control of what type of traffic goes where via selected providers.

Have you seen a map of the world with hopping connections? Imagine the Lethean network superimposed on that map. Now we will take this idea from concept to reality.

New Team Member Introductions

Lee Netherton: Cloud Solutions Architect

Lee has been delivering cloud solutions for over 4 years, and has been a software developer for over 10 years. He is passionate about producing robust, scalable architectures that promote great user experience as well as being a joy to maintain and develop. By combining his skills as a programmer with those of a solutions architect, he excels in writing infrastructure-as-code to ensure repeatability, traceability and quality.

Lee’s role is to design and maintain scalable, secure and resilient architecture running on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

As well as being an experienced solutions architect, he is educated to a high degree, holding a PhD in computer simulation and modeling.

Evelyn de Souza: President of the International Privacy Board

Evelyn has been added to the team as the President of the International Privacy Board.

Evelyn de Souza is the world’s first musician turned privacy leader. She has been working to overhaul privacy so that it can be universally digested by consumers and businesses alike. As a Privacy and Security Strategy Leader, Evelyn has consulted for some of the most besieged organizations, turning privacy into a business advantage.

Formerly, Evelyn was a privacy and security leader in the Office of the CTO at Cisco where she developed tools that enabled possibilities for data. She created OpenSource Privacy as an industry-first prototype to monetize privacy data and co-created a Cloud Data Protection Cert, to standardize cloud security SLAs.

Evelyn has been named a Top 10 Woman in Cloud by CloudNOW and a Silicon Valley Business Woman of Influence. She is an advisor to startups and non-profits such as SafeguardCyber and the Cloud Security Alliance, as well as a frequent industry speaker and an author on emerging trends. Her latest work, The Era of Homo Digitus, details the benefits of privacy when ethically implemented.