Closed Beta Wrapping Up, Rebrand

Windows and Linux Beta update

We are very excited to share with you that we are nearing the end of beta testing the Browser Extension. We had a few minor setbacks with the closed Windows beta test that have been resolved within the last two weeks. Ultimately, we can say that users have been able to operate both the Windows and Linux Browser extension for Google Chrome with minimal issues. We are confident that we will be releasing the Browser Extension for testing in Firefox within the next few days.

Mac Beta Start

MacOS testing will start within the next week. The team is finalizing the build for the Mac Browser Extension and wallet. All closed beta testing thus far has been client side. We have not yet allowed testing users abilities to operate as an exit node for the Browser extension on any operating system. MacOS closed beta testing will also start this way as well. Once we are confident that users are capable of connecting successfully to the servers that we operate and can debug, we will open the ability for users to operate as an exit node. We plan to  release the public beta to all users no later than the third week of August. Look for our final update on the closed beta testing for the Browser Extension in our next update.

Rebrand update

We know that you are all excited about the rebrand, as is everyone on the Intense team. We wanted to share an update on our progress with the community. We are still on schedule to finalize our rebrand at the end of August this year. In fact, we believe that we will be finalizing our rebrand around the third week of August. Ultimately, this means that our rebrand and our Browser Extension public release will coincide with one another. We are waiting on verification from our legal team that our trademark is at a significantly low risk for any disputes. At this time we have not run into any roadblocks or trademarks issues. As our legal team continues to review for any potential trademark issues, our risk diminishes. Hundreds of companies have already been assessed for possible risk, with defense strategies prepared in kind. We will be discussing the current status of our trademark with our legal team on August the second and we should have more information at that time. All in all, we are confident that we will be able to release the Browser Extension at the same time our rebrand updates have been finalized.

Since we are very close to our rebrand and we are very excited to release it to you all, we wanted to give you a little teaser of what is to come. Below is one very small piece of our upcoming rebrand. Naturally, the final rebrand will be complete top-down overhaul: shiny new domain, new website/graphics, an actual press kit, wallet and browser extension changes, and more.

Logo Rebrand Preview

Coming Soon

This is a big milestone for Intense. The rebrand has been a long time coming (since late 2017), but it has encapsulated far more than aesthetic changes. Our brand, team and projects have experienced major structural changes, as any long-time follower of our work can attest. Our structure and mission have been solidified beyond the creation of a product.

Starting today, in addition to being product focused, we are focused on an international privacy movement. We are excited to establish a free and democratic internet without restrictions and monitoring. We welcome you to join us on this international journey towards a free, equitable and democratic society with a clear standard of our basic online Privacy Rights.

In addition to this tiny taste of our new brand, we will be releasing hints on our discord and social media during the next two weeks. We know that you will love the new branding when it is released, and we are excited to share more with you in the coming weeks.


Recently we were asked to be involved in a podcast for The Crypto Anomaly Show. Valiant and Vladimir were able to discuss IntenseCoin over the course of approximately 30 minutes. If you are interested in our project, and interested in hearing Valiant and Vladimir discuss the ins and outs of what makes us different, you will want to take the time to listen. You can listen to the podcast by visiting SoundCloud.

Trusted nodes

We are building the infrastructure for automated deployment of “trusted nodes”, which are run by our team and can provide a number of services to the users:

  1. Additional “seed nodes” for initial peer-to-peer services and booting of normal wallets
  2. Blockchain sources for light clients (with no need to download the whole blockchain but still capable of common operations like sending and receiving coins)
  3. VPN and proxy exit nodes
  4. Providing blockchain information to any applicable service like block explorers, exchanges, etc.

Related to point 2, trusted nodes can be used for a future mobile and web implementation of the wallet, as well as being auto-configured for use with the already available desktop wallet.

Business meeting in New York City

Between August the 9th and August the 11th, our Business Development Manager will be in New York City, New York (NYC) at the Nasdaq building and at The Press Lounge. We will be meeting with crypto investors and community members while we are there. If you’re in NYC and would like to meet one of our team members feel free to get in contact with us. We would love to meet you!