Closed Beta Officially Launched & Local Chapter Success

Browser Extension Beta Test

We are happy to announce that yesterday we officially started closed beta testing for Linux. All Linux testers are located in our Discord, and will be testing the Browser Extension over the next few weeks. We have multiple Linux distributions that we are testing on which include Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Xubuntu, Manjaro, RHEL 7.5, and Debian. We will be starting the closed beta for both Windows and MacOS in the coming days.

This is a massive achievement for the Intense team. The roll-out of the Browser Extension signals the launch and proof-of-concept of the Intense network: a decentralized, peer-to-peer system utilizing the blockchain as its primary payment mechanism. Our vision of unlocking the internet with anonymous and secure transactions is coming to fruition. Although the network is not fully operational yet (as only client-level testing is occurring at the moment), this is a major milestone and our most tangible element of progress so far.

At this time, we are only testing the use of the proxy from a client perspective, which does not include allowing users to be an exit node for the Intense network. As we continue to expand the beta test, additional exit nodes across diverse geographic locations will be added. Within the next two to three weeks, we will begin allowing our testers the capability to act as an exit node for the proxy system. Once we are certain that all client and server (exit node) aspects of the Browser Extension have been thoroughly reviewed, we will open the beta to the public. Keep your eyes open for news of its release in the coming weeks!

Feel free to follow our progress in the Intense Coin Wallet GUI Proxy/VPN branch and Browser Extension repository.

Welcome Our New Chief Marketing Officer, François Julien

We are pleased to announce that a new talent, François Julien, will join the Intense team as our Chief Marketing Officer.

François is a strategist fueled by motivation, curiosity and enthusiasm. Embracing one of the most exciting role at Intense, he is devoted to connect people with each other. He focuses on two key points: creativity and interactivity.


Tech passionate, he moved to London and co-founded “Snikpic”, a photo sharing app project with a different approach to social sharing. Later, he was found working at Google as a marketing and communications consultant. From Asia to America, he has learned a lot from different cultures and he is always looking for new challenges.

François’ background and expertise in brand building, social and marketing strategy makes him ideally positioned to take over the marketing & communications lead.


Chapters update

We are happy to announce that six local chapters were formed since our introduction of chapters in the last update! We are very excited to be working with you all moving forward to perpetuate our vision of creating secure, private and equitable internet access for everyone. If you are interested in creating a local chapter, please feel free to reach out to us either on Discord, Telegram, or our email. We would love to have you join us.


Discord continues to be our largest method of communicating with our community. However, we are very happy to see our Telegram community growing rapidly. If you would like to join any of our social channels, feel free to do so by following any of the links listed below.

Discord: 4714 members

Facebook Group: 292

Twitter Followers: 5189

Telegram Group: 204

Telegram Channel: 274

Reddit: 1900


As of June 30th, 2018 we ranked 800 on CoinMarketCap.