Browser Extension Testing Continues, New Team Member Handling Investor Relations

Browser Extension

Linux testing is going very well. One user reported being able to use the browser extension in a practical way to bypass location restrictions for multiple websites. We are pleased to see the amazing progress that is being made on the browser extension and we are looking forward to releasing the Mac version for our closed beta testing in the near future.

Several new exit nodes are being added to the network in the next few days. By the end of next week, we plan to launch the ability for closed beta users to register exit nodes.

The Windows Browser Extension is also in closed beta, but is currently failing to load the list of proxy providers on some machines. We are working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Look for more information regarding Windows and Mac releases of the browser extension in the coming weeks.

Welcome Luca Cervigni

Welcome our newest advisor in the team, Luca Cervigni. Luca will be in charge of promotion and investors relations. You can read more about him in his bio below.

Lucas is an Author, TV Host, International Business Development Advisor in FinTech and Blockchain Partner @ Vesicas Fintech Consulting, Co-Founder in + 15 Companies, Author @ BlockChain in Practice / The BitCoin Paradigm / BrickCoin – A solution for today’s global financial fragility. He is an advisor, investor and international panelist to the Crypto World, and he was named as one of the 50 most influential people in Blockchain in 2016.

Going forward, Luca will be working to get us featured and promoted in blockchain related conferences, shows and podcasts. We will also be visiting crypto related investors and funds in order to present our project and products. We know that Luca is a valuable asset to our team and we are very excited to have him joining us.

Browser Extension in Action

We want to give our community a preview of what they can expect from the Intense Coin Browser Extension. We received a video from one of our Linux OS beta testers. In the coming days we may also be releasing a video for the Windows Browser Extension, although the functionality is identical to the Linux version. We hope you enjoy the this preview!

Exchange wallets down July 5, 2018

On July 5th, we were made aware of an issue with Monero Code which was stated to impact exchange wallets. The issue allowed users to deposit double the amount actually sent in a transaction. For example, depositing 1 ITNS would yield 2 ITNS in a user’s balance, which could then be withdrawn. If left unchecked, this could have allowed a malicious user to deplete the wallet of an exchange.

Due to the seriousness of the flaw, we immediately requested exchanges to pause deposits and withdrawals so that we could ensure we were not impacted. Due to our vulnerability response protocol and existing relationships with the exchanges we are traded on, we were able to pause trading on Stocks.Exchange and TradeOgre within 10 minutes of being notified of the exploit. Altex took about an hour due to the absence of a dedicated line of communication with their operations team, but we have requested enhanced communication with Altex to ensure similar situations can be addressed more expeditiously in the future.

Ultimately, the described issue was found to be specific to Monero v0.12. IntenseCoin is based on Monero v0.11 and thus was not impacted. Our team conducted testnet and mainnet testing of alleged exploit transactions and were unable to replicate the issue. Exchanges were asked to allow deposits and withdrawals to resume on July 6th.

Community Growth

Discord continues to be our largest community and it is the quickest way to have any questions you may have answered. However, we are very happy to see our Telegram community growing rapidly. If you would like to join any of our social channels, feel free to do so by following any of the links listed below.

Discord: 4749 members

Facebook Group: 297

Twitter Followers: 5202

Telegram Group: 222

Telegram Channel: 298

Reddit: 1893

Coin Market Cap

Today, Intense Coin ranks 831 on Coin Market Cap.