June 15th Update

Browser plugin beta launch

This will most likely be the last post before our official public beta test release! In our next post on July 1, we are excited to provide some real world proof and data from the Intense network.

For the first time in the crypto and VPN industry, users will be able to get rewarded for acting as proxy exit nodes on the network. This means you will be able to get paid in Intense Coin for your extra bandwidth. Choose any proxy provider in the network and pay per minute of usage with our 100% private payment method.

We are delighted to achieve this milestone. Our team has been working very hard for many months to reach this point; however this is only the first of our 3 product releases this year, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

New website and communication

As announced previously, we have been considering refreshing our website and brand communication. We were hoping to have the trademark applications approved before the release of our first product but since that hasn’t been possible, we decided to give a fresh face to our brand to communicate our project in a more efficient and pleasant way. We hope you enjoy it and agree it better represents our short term brand (Intense Coin).

Local Chapters

We are very happy to introduce our local chapter program. This will be an important part of our structure and goal to bridge communication from local outreach to the international front. Our goal with creating local chapters is to start building local communities around our values of security and privacy online. These local chapters will also create Intense Coin brand awareness within strategic  regional and local areas. We invite everyone to participate, organize yourselves locally, and work closely with us in the creation of local events that will help propagate our mission of private and secure internet throughout the world. If you choose to participate in our local chapter program, you will be rewarded for doing so! We strongly encourage you to review our local chapters document by visiting the following link:


This document will provide you with more details about rewards and more information about how you can make a difference in internet security throughout the world.

Youtube Channel

We are very excited to share with you all our new YouTube channel. Recently, we ran a contest on our Discord server. The contest was designed to have our community share with us marketing strategies that they would like us to use moving forward. One user, EvpAtik, submitted the idea to create a YouTube channel. We would like to say thank you to EvpAtik and share with you an intro that was created by him. You can also see the intro he created for our future videos by visiting https://youtu.be/8qFkdrBUp9U. You can also find an additional video he has created for us by visiting our YouTube channel.

Moving forward, our YouTube channel will serve as a way to update our community as well as market our product. Keep an eye out for more videos and news on our YouTube channel.


As promised in the last post, Intense is proud to announce a public monitoring interface for the blockchain driven by Zabbix, an enterprise grade monitoring platform. Internally, the team is notified when certain parameters of the blockchain (such as rate or size of blocks, variation in timestamps, etc.) are not performing as expected. We chose to expose the monitoring dashboard to the public to emphasize our commitment to network reliability. Let us know if the dashboard is not working as expected, or if you have ideas about how to enhance the variables we are monitoring.

The Intense Coin Windows GUI binary download was updated a few days ago to address a lingering issue with the release, as the package was found to contain an old version of the daemon. If your GUI wallet is not syncing properly, please re-download the latest release to resolve.

The Mac GUI binary download was also updated to address a boost/linking issue occurring on some machines. If you were experiencing this issue, please re-download the latest version and let us know how it works on Discord.

Community Growth

Discord: 4697 members

Facebook page likes: 2200

Facebook page followers: 2350

Facebook Group members: 292

Twitter Followers: 5200

Bitcointalk Pages: 339

Telegram Group: 204

Telegram Channel: 274

Reddit: 1900


As of June 15th, 2018, we are rank 819 on CoinMarketCap.