May 15th Update

Blockchain update

Version of the command line interface (CLI) daemon and (GUI) wallet were released last week.

This version of the daemon and associated tools included several fixes for syncing and a feature to auto-convert pre-rebase wallets to the new format. If your wallet file ends in .wallet, it’s a pre-rebase wallet. Wallets with no extension and/or the .keys extension are post-rebase wallet files. To convert pre-rebase wallets using the new CLI feature, run intense-wallet-cli with the `–wallet-file` or `–upgrade-legacy` arguments. The former argument will upgrade your wallet file and immediately load the wallet, while the latter will only upgrade the legacy .wallet file to a .keys file and exit. The GUI will automatically convert legacy .wallet files with no special steps.

This month, we are very glad to have strengthened and improved our internal developer build/deployment process and environments. All CLI releases across Mac, Linux and Windows will now be automatically built from continuous integration (CI) environments, resulting in cleaner unified builds with less inconsistencies. We plan to have CI releases in place for GUI in the next 1-2 weeks.

Otherwise, the chain has been running well and successfully targeting 2 minute block times. Few blocks are empty lately as the network is experiencing increased utilization.

Ongoing rebranding efforts

The team has been notified that our rebranding may take until August, 2018.

Take a deep breath everyone. As a team, we know this was not the news you were anticipating. All strategic and graphical elements of the rebrand are complete but the legal aspects remain outstanding. The look and design of our new brand with our branding partner MOON Lisboa has been finalized. After finalizing the name and new designs with their team, we began working on the legal process of trademarking our soon to be brand. Since we have not finalized the trademarking of the new brand, we will not be releasing the name at this time. This may seem like it is detrimental to our project. However, since the legal process is the last step in our rebranding, the team is confident that we can finalize the process by August 2018. This conservative deadline was established after discussing the matter with our legal team in charge of the trademark applications. As with all of our deadlines, we hope to deliver ahead of time, and we based the deadline around realistic expectations with allowance for possible delays. It is our goal to under promise and overdeliver rather than the other way around. We look forward to sharing more information about our new brand as we approach August.

The team is aware that this may ultimately seem like a setback to our community, and we understand why it feels that way. While the proposed timeline does not meet our original target for rebranding, we are confident that spending the extra time establishing proper brand and intellectual property is crucial to our big picture plans. Now that we have a better understanding of the time required to finalize the rebrand, we are releasing the marketing and design ‘brakes’ that were in place for our current brand. With that in mind…

We are changing the dynamic of our current brand

The team has decided to release the holds that we had previously placed on our marketing, design, and external communications with our current brand name. Our time spent working on the rebrand with MOON Lisboa has proven that they are a valuable asset. Accordingly, MOON will be working with us to revamp our current Intense Coin brand while we finalize the legal work for our new brand name.

MOON said the following about joining our team:

“Moon is very happy to join the Intense team. The Intense Project is a best in class solution, and we are proud to be a part of it. We are now a step ahead. Big news is coming, hold on – we are going to take off.”


For our investors and community, this means that we will be more focused on the design and marketing of our current brand. We believe that the extra time spent finalizing therebrand will provide additional time to solidify our current brand. Strengthening our current brand  will lead to better exposure of our products and our company. You will notice updates to our website, Bitcointalk forum, our subreddit, and our other social media platforms as a result of this news. From a marketing standpoint, we are working with our Marketing Manager, Will, to ensure that we increase the advertising and promotion of our current brand.

Commercialization of our VPN and mesh routers

While building upon our current brand, Intense Coin, we will simultaneously be constructing a privatized portion of our business. This portion of our business will be dedicated to the production of both VPN and Mesh routers. We will be seeking external investments or partnerships with existing router companies to ensure that we have the capital and means to meet market demands for our VPN and mesh routers once they have been designed, created, and marketed. We will be seeking additional members to our team to aid in our efforts to make the commercialization of our VPN and mesh routers a reality. If you think that you have what it takes to join our ambitious company, feel free to send your resume to Francisco at intensecoin dot com

VPS integration

Our team is considering partnering with or offering VPS (Virtual Private Server) services in addition to our current business model. Since Intense VPN exit nodes share a common purpose with classic masternodes and both are an alternative source of income, we are welcoming suggestions from the community on which masternodes projects we should pursue partnerships with. A dedicated discord channel will be created for this purpose. Additionally, the team has been contacting established VPS providers to discuss possible partnerships. Our goal when contacting these companies is to partner with them to accept Intense Coin (ITNS) as currency for their services, and for possible automatic exit node software bundling on VPS/bare metal instances.

Tim (Soapboxhero): Resigned

Tim has decided to leave the team to pursue other interests. We are in the process of searching for a new social media manager. The social media manager would be responsible for managing our official Twitter and Facebook page. If you believe that you would be an ideal fit for our team, please send your resume/CV to casey at intensecoin dot com. Please ensure your subject line includes the position that you are applying for.

Content creator

Our search continues for a qualified content creator. If you are interested in joining the team as our content creator please send a copy of your resume/CV to casey at intensecoin dot com. Please ensure your subject line includes the position that you are applying for.

OctaEx Public Announcement

On April 21, 2018 we contacted OctaEx and the other two exchanges trading ITNS to inform them of the V4 hardfork and action required for mandatory update to the post-hard fork wallet. Once the update was completed, they would be welcome to open their exchange to deposits and withdraws again. These exchanges were also contacted on April 15 to announce the impending hardfork that would be occurring within 1 week, as we discussed in our initial post on the matter. Additionally, we offered the assistance of our lead developer, Valiant, to aid in the update if necessary. OctaEx did not update their wallet, and ultimately withdraws from the exchange between April 21st, 2018 to May 8th, 2018 were impacted.

The team was made aware of this issue after a community member contacted us about a missing withdraw. Upon assisting OctaEx with upgrading their wallet on May 8th, 2018, we realized that this had been an ongoing issue. It’s worth mentioning that OctaEx sent us the private keys for all of their ITNS exchange wallets when requesting assistance with wallet upgrades. Nonetheless, since OctaEx has substantially reduced volume compared to the other exchanges we are listed on, the impact of the issue they experienced was minimal.

As we made every effort on our end to ensure that this issue did not occur, we ask that if you were impacted, you contact their exchange for further assistance. Additionally, we have made the decision as a team to request that we are delisted from the exchange. If any community members have questions about this decision or the reason behind our request to delist from OctaEx, we request that you contact Casey (ThePigwee) on our Discord, Telegram, or by email.

Browser Plugin beta testing group

We are excited to announce that we will soon be opening our Web Browser Plugin for beta testing. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, please fill out the application form. We will be looking for 5-10 applicants to beta test initially. Assuming everything is moving along as expected, we will scale up the testing in the following weeks.

Community growth

As of May 15th, 2018 our Discord has 4597 members, and our New Telegram channel has 103 members. We are excited to see the growth in our Telegram channel. Our main channel continues to be Discord.

The Discord community has continued to grow, and with its growth, new features have been added. One of our users, Brandan, created a faucet and a lottery that interacts with our tip bot. You can take from the faucet every 16 hours.

Market update

As of May 13th, ITNS ranks #783 on CoinMarketCap.